Allot has been said about this whole gay marriage thing and marriage in general. Right now we got two snot-nosed pompous mayors running around out there breaking their own state laws all in the name of **LOVE**. Ah, what a beautiful thing. I want to puke right about now. Seriously, this whole movement is shaking the very foundations of our society. Marriage is an institution begun by God (not the government or any stupid mayor for that matter) as a way to supply meaningful family structure for the population of this earth. It has functioned adequately for over 6,000 years. I am not at all saying that it hasn't had its problems especially when we screw it up with divorce and remarriage. I am saying that this very movement places us on a dangerous path whose end in unimaginable. If marriage is just "a loving relationship" as the gay movement claims, why not have marriage be between brothers and sisters, adults and children, mutiple wives, or even multiple husbands." Why not? You tell me. Where does this end? My point is that if you redefine marriage to be whatever you want, it will cease to be marriage period. The very foundation of our society will be eroded away. We have already begun that erosion will divorce and remarriage, I guess this is just the next step.

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Comment I believe it's "snot" nosed. chuckle Dude, homophobes have done more to "erode the foundation of our society" than any or all gays. How many hate crimes have been committed by gays? And who says one has to believe in God? That blows your whole theory right there. Please don't insult the intelligence of your readers by comparing it to intra-family sexual relationships. I think you know the difference. Mormons believe in bigamy. Some Native American Tribes believe in using certain drugs for "religious experiences". Our government leaves them to their right. Does this mean religion will "cease" to be religion? The world is a changing place and God, in His infinite wisdom, allows us to adapt and grow. I would suggest you try it.

Mon Mar 1, 2004 8:43 pm MST by Anonymous

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