Bush Ad Reaction Just Plain Stupid 

Bush Ad Reaction Just Plain Stupid

All this crap reaction about the Bush ads is really getting under my skin. Here was a tasteful ad that was extremely well done. It emphasized how America came together and weathered the storm. When I first saw it, it made me proud to be an American. It was not negative nor was it an attack ad. So, when I first saw these partisan family members parading this criticism across the airwaves, I was shocked. My opinion is that America NEEDS to see images of September 11th to remind us of the events. It is my belief that America has forgotten the danger that exists out in the world. This political correctness crap is blatently partisan and disgusting. September 11 happened, GET OVER IT!! And like it or not, President Bush provided the strength and the leadership that this country needed. It was he who provided a strong and steady hand in a very turbulent time in our history. I will never forget the image of this President standing on a heap of rubble with his arm around a weary firefighter rallying other firefighters who could only cheer and wave American flags as a response. I just do not understand this "outrage" .....well, except for the fact that it was just a ripe opportunity to to pot shots at our President. It's just plain stupid.

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Comment I am sooooooooo stupid. You are soo right chris. I just realized it. Please forgive me. And ignore any other stupid comments that i post. thanks

Fri Mar 19, 2004 9:47 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment I would recommend that if you don't want to be a "moron magnet" you refrain from making moronic posts.

Sat Mar 6, 2004 3:19 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment As far as I am concerned, September 11th was the greatest tragedy to take place in my life thus far. Right after it happened, the American people united together through fear, pride, anger, and many other emotions despite their political beliefs. We all rallied behind the President because he promised us he would go after the justice we all wanted for those who lost their lives and the numerous people who had their lives changed forever by those cowards. No one will ever forget where they were when the planes hit the towers; I was with my family taking my sister to the air port where she was going to fly for the first time. It also happened to be a 36 hour flight to Thailand. We were all amazed, fearful, confused, angry, and demanded President Bush to take action. Then, before you know it, Americans go back to being their normal stupid selves. Many turned against President Bush, attacking him for following through with his word. He promised us justice, and when he tried to deliver what he promised (YES! A POLITICAN WHO DOES WHAT HE SAYS! IMAGINE THAT!!!!!) People need to stop and think ??? why are you upset? Could be that you are mad that Bush is a man of his word?

Sat Mar 6, 2004 11:24 am MST by Tiff

Comment OK, that's it!! I don't mind you Bush hating morons airing your baseless opinions, but I do not appreciate you litering my blog with your foul, perverted language. Keep your crap to yourself, please!

Sat Mar 6, 2004 10:22 am MST by Chris

Comment Looks like the Bush-Hating moron magnet is working. Just look at these stupid commments. :-)

Sat Mar 6, 2004 10:13 am MST by Chris

Comment By the way, if you think Bush doesn't do those "arm around weary firefighter" shots just for publicity, you are extremely naive. Bush goes to GREAT lengths to make sure he is photographed in his best light. He cares not for firefighters. He cares not for anyone but himself. The vast majority of those "compassionate" photos you see him in were either staged ahead of time or only done to take advantage of photographers already on the spot. Jesus. People are so freakin naive. *shakes head*

Sat Mar 6, 2004 9:55 am MST by Anonymous

Comment You say it happened...get over it. Yet you say we need to be reminded of it. Can't have both pal. And yes, maybe we NEED to be reminded of it. But you forget it HAPPENED ON BUSH'S WATCH WHILE HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY GIVING US 'STEADY LEADERSHIP' (that IS his election theme this time around no?) Mentions of 9/11 CAN be made and done tastefully. But for the man whose watch it happened on to attempt to use it for political gain is so fucking arrogant, self serving, insensitive and just plain assinine as to defy secription. And those who DON'T see that aren't much behind Bush as far as being insensitive. If your child were murdered, would you want the cop who caught the murderer of your child to splash pics of your kid's dead body being hauled away all over national tv as he touted his "steady investigation" into the murder? Give me a freakin break. Those of you who blindly back someone just because he is the "president" are doing the country a disservice. The man is scum. He is a recovering alcoholic and a convicted drug abuser who went awol from his military service and has killed thousands of innocent people. His record on capital punishment in Texas is deplorable. His attempts at building the economy have driven it into record lows. The man has absolutely NO consideration for human life and will continue to send our boys to their meaningless deaths until stopped. Open your eyes.

Sat Mar 6, 2004 9:49 am MST by Anonymous

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