A Week in the Life of Chris Gable 

A Week in the Life of Chris Gable

Normally I don't like to write about myself, but after the prodding of a friend and the host of happenings this past week, I have decided to make an exeption. But, don't worry, this should only happen on very rare occasions. My life, normally, is pretty boring. Work, sleep, church, and a little TV; you know the routine, but this week....well, it was different. Let's just start with Friday the 2nd.

Friday, July 2nd - I met with a friend after work to finish up work on a 10 minute movie that was to be shown on Sunday. Read the script here. This was exciting. Things had finally come together with some tremendous results. One of these days, we'll get it posted somewhere and you'll see what I mean.
Saturday - July 3rd - My sister rustled me out of bed, cutting into my normal Saturday sleep in time. I had agreed to go with her to her friends graduation in Harrisburg. Well, we eventually did go, and for the most part it was pretty fun. Well, except for the graduation part; it was 3 hours long. Ugh! And some of the fellow grauduates...talk about strange! How could anyone find enjoyment in studying social insects their senior year? Some of these homeschoolers need to get out more. Anyway, I digress. And BTW, we came home to see that our pool had exploded dumping about 15,000 gallons of water on our nieghborhood! Whoops.
Sunday, July 4th - Wow! Talk about a long day! It started at 6am, my normal wake-up time on a Sunday. It didn't end till I got home the next morning at 1:15am! We had special services at our church under the tent. For the morning service, I sang in the choir and showed our video. For the most part everything went off without a hitch. Then came the afternoon service. My quintet was scheduled to sing the national anthem and I was supposed to preach. Much to my surprise, they decided to start the service early leaving our group to show up late and leaving me with no time to clear my head and prepare to preach. Add to the fact that I had laid down my notes somewhere and didn't know where to find them. By this time I'm out of breath and starting to pull my hair out. Thankfully, I found my notes and, much to my surprise (and the alot of prayer, I might add) it went really well. Afterwards, we started a volleyball tournament. Normally I enjoy that except for the fact that my team stunk and we only managed to win 2 games in the four hours that we played. Needless to say, I was pretty tired and ready to head home and relax a bit, but that never came to fruition. At the prodding of some friends I agreed to go to Bethelehem to see the fireworks. It turned out to be and awesome experience. Check out some pictures. There was a large group of about 20 of us plus some international students from Lehigh University! I had never been closer to the launch site in all my life. Talk about loud! We then hung around on campus playing the game "Mobsters" with the international students and interestingly enough had a policeman stop by and join in. It was hillarious! It was getting late, so we decided to head out; I stumble into my house at about 1:15. What a day!
OK, now it's getting late, I promise to write more later.

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