The Concoctions of Chris 

The Exciting Conclusion

Ah yes back to the story. As I have previously stated, I wanted to end this obsession of my beloved furball or at least scare him so much that he wouldn't want to see water again is his short pathetic life. So, I sprang into action. Everytime he would venture into the shower (to watch our leaky faucet drip) I would turn the water on....completely. Needless to say, he tore out of that shower faster than anything I've ever seen. Ah HaH! I did it........only to find him later waiting at the dog bowl, hoping I would pour some water in so he could watch the splash. Once again I came up with a bright idea. Much to his delight I poured some water into the bowl and he was mezmorized by the splashing water. I then proceeded to pour some on his head.......with the same results as the shower incident. Maybe this time it would work........maybe not. OK, it didn't work at all. So, I decided to repeat the process....over....and over....and over, and much to my chagrin nothing worked. I tried splashing him with water everytime he would hop up on the sink, again with no change. (Right about now I'm am realizing how similar the two Sam's are.....they continually get roughed up and just keep coming back for more) Still, Sam would come running at the slightest sound of flowing water. He would follow me around the house, like I was his best bud. Obviously the plan had backfired. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Cats vs. Dog

A very wacky acquaintance of mine one Eric Blobson (I don't use real names either) has taken up the dogs vs. cats debate and I thought I would throw my two sense in. I've heard all the jokes and arguments there are(like the "so many cats so few recipes" and "I like cats; they taste like chicken" lines) Frankly, though I'm not a fan of cats. Most house cats a fat, lazy, and annoying. But, I must make a confession; I have a cat (or at least my family does) His name, coincidentally, is Sam. (no relation to the Sam we all know and are annoyed by, although now that I think about it they probably have matching IQs) In fact, right now Sam is sprawled out on the floor half asleep and have looking at me inquisitively wondering what in the world I'm doing. Anyway, back to the argument. Put it flat out, Sam is stupid. Yea....I said stupid. Allow me to demonstrate. Sam is fascinated by water. He enjoys hopping on the sink and watching the water flow as you wash your hands; he likes to peer into the toilet as its flushing; he loves to sit and watch the dog's water bowl; and sometimes he's brave enough to jump into the shower right before your ready to turn it on. I don't have too much problem with this fascination (after all we all need a hobby here and there), however there is one problem - Sam is terrified of water. Being the caring guardian that I am, I tried to cure him of this fear or at least end his fascination with this hobby of his; so, I snapped into action.
To be continued....

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